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An innovating idea to meet a rapidly increasing need 

Pragmatan is first of all the practical realization of an idea in line with its time.

It all started with a text message between two visionaries: "Would you like to start a business with me?" - send Matthieu. The answer was soon given - "Yes," said Tan.

Their idea? To approach recruitment and business in a completely different way.


The origin of our company come from this single text message sent one evening by Matthieu to a former colleague and future partner, Tan.

Having both shaped their skills as sales engineers for various software editors and firms, they had noticed that many of these companies had one flaw: their recruitment process. Of course, IT recruitment firms already existed at the time, but were unable to meet the specific needs of these companies.

Since their launch in March 2013, Matthieu Le Clech and Tan Nguyen, like any entrepreneur, have been experimenting, testing and trying out profitable and innovative models to make their IT recruitment firm thrive.


Through discussions with their clients - mainly Software Editors and ESNs - one approach quickly proved to be more promising than others: that of delegation of recruiters directly on their client's premises, or Recruitement Outsourcing Process (RPO).

The reason? Clients could not find recruiters who were able to respond promptly and appropriately to their needs.

The Pragmatan method was therefore quickly embraced by our clients.

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Pragmatan Recrutement RPO - Recruitment Process Outsourcing - Externalisation du recrutement - Délégation de recruteurs - Renault - Atos - Solocal - Natixis - Carrefour